Dragos Ion, Online portfolio

Dragos Ion, Online portfolio

3D Architecture

Manor House (3D exterior scene)

The manor house depicted represents a holiday resort reception house with a traditional lakeshore style. It was entirely modelled and rendered in 3D Studio Max with VRay, no post-processing.
The challenge in this project was to add as many details as possible without overloading the scene, making it impossible for the computer to work with. For the leaves, stones and vegetation, the VRay Proxy technique was used, which is a method to load a large number of instances (duplicates) of an object, keeping a low scene polygon count and a low memory usage rate. The reed on the roof also had to be “geometric” instead of 2D mapped polygons and the best option was VRay Fur, an excellent modifier usually used for hair and grass. The overall ambient light comes from a single HDRI image.
In order to achieve more realism, I took advantage of the tools and settings that VRay provides.
The reason for not using Photoshop to post-process the image is that this project was purposed for animation.

Office Building (3D exterior night scene)

This project represents the headquarters of an oil company, a collaboration work between me and an architect – author of the concept and plans. Its key feature is represented by the bridge at the top, going from one side to the other. Created and rendered in 3D Studio Max with VRay, post-processed in Photoshop for colour adjustments and reflections. The ambient light is given by a single HDRI image applied to a VRay dome light.

Master Plan – Development Area (3D aerial site view)

This is a scaled-down poster image of a farm development presentation (A0 cardboard). The project contains various objectives which the developer needed to present in order to obtain approval. I reconstructed the terrain using topographic measurements, modelled and placed the objectives, and created the rendering and styling. Tools used: 3D Studio Max, VRay, Photoshop. Rendering an image this big (originally 14000 x 9000 pixels) required optimizing the scene as much as possible, in such a way it could be rendered on a single available machine and in a given timeframe. There are tens of thousands of trees and plants, houses, farms etc. all of which can be seen in high resolution on the Master Plan.

Lighthouse Surveillance Cabin (3D exterior scene/technical detailing)

This project represents a construction presentation and technical planning for a surveillance cabin at a beach bar. Starting from the given height, materials and basic idea, I have provided this concept that includes AutoCAD structure details with dimensions and the final presentation rendering depicted here.
The presentation image was created with 3D Studio Max and VRay, some post-processing in Photoshop was used for photo filters and colour adjustments.

Synagogue Section (2D architectural plan)

This is one of the architecture plans I worked on as an Architectural Technician. It represents a cross section showing the inside of a synagogue. It was drawn in AutoCAD using real-world measurements and old plans of the building. AutoCAD have been my starting point and helped me have a better understanding of the three-dimensional space before moving on to more advanced programs such as 3D Studio Max.

Office Building (3D exterior scene)

This project represents an office building before construction, and shows the architect’s vision of the volume. I created and rendered it in 3D Studio Max with VRay, from plans and facades that the architect provided me. Some post-production was used in Photoshop in order to create the background and the colour adjustments.

Beach Bar (3D exterior scene)

This is an aerial view of a beach bar, created for a presentation. All the elements in the scene are 3D objects, except for the sea water. The project was modelled and rendered in 3D Studio Max with VRay, some post-production used for image contrast and colour balance.

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