Dragos Ion, Online portfolio

Dragos Ion, Online portfolio

3D Design

Radio Controlled Hobby Car (3D technical model)

First thing to mention here is that I had to remove the case in order to see the “real” work inside the toy-car. There are over a hundred complex different pieces which had to be modelled individually. I used reference photos I took from a real-world model as well as photos from the internet, trying to respect the real dimensions and proportions as much as possible, in order to have all the pieces match.
The project was created in 3D Studio Max and rendered with VRay for a better view of the details. Some of the pieces were modelled in AutoCAD which sometimes offers more accuracy. It is also completely rigged, which means it is ready for animation. All mechanisms function and move according to the real-world model. To achieve this, I used Bones and Link Constraints in 3D Studio Max, with great respect to the laws of physics.

Oriental Balcony (3D interior scene – experimental)

This is a commission project I have made for a client. Here, I was asked to experiment with colour, African style and oriental elements. The space itself is something between a living room and a balcony; a getaway, relaxation room that is half opened to the outside. The rendering represents one way I envisioned the space, giving a start point for the later steps of the project. The tools used to create the image: 3D Studio Max, VRay, no post-processing.

Cartoon Female (3D animation character)

This character is part of an on-going project that is intended to go into a short animated film. I modelled it starting from an artist’s sketch, and it is also rigged for animation using a Biped Bone System as a base. It was created in 3D Studio Max and rendered with VRay, no post-processing. It contains high resolution square bitmaps, mapped on the model with UVW Unwrap. The facial expressions can also be animated with the applied Morpher modifier. The skinning of the character uses a Skin Morph modifier, meaning it can bend its limbs and body more realistically, without showing strange deformations or malformations.

Chairs (3D objects)

These two chairs are an example of some of my higher quality chair models. The one depicted on the left represents an iconic piece – the Bentwood Chair, while the one on the right represents a classic, comfortable chair, with unwrapped textures, reflection maps, and patina. Both were modelled and rendered in the same set, with 3D Studio Max and VRay, no post-processing. For the Bentwood Chair I used a real model as a reference, and it is real-scale with accurate proportions. On the other hand, for the Classic chair on the right, I only used a photo as a reference, in which case I had to mentally visualise the model beforehand; to respect the dimensions and proportions, I used the known furniture standards; the textures were created in Photoshop and applied to the model with UVW Unwrap modifier.

French Sofa and Flower Vase (3D decorative objects)

This is a rendering of two decorative objects I have seen in a magazine and reproduced in 3D as accurate as possible. The sofa uses unwrapped UVW bump maps for the creases which I considered a necessary detail. The scene is modelled and rendered entirely in 3D Studio Max with VRay, no post-processing. The overall idea was to experiment with 3D interpretation and visualisation of objects from a 2D image. There are several VRay lights in the scene, including a sunlight simulation, to help emphasise the fine details of the models.

Kitchen Front (3D furniture presentation)

In this scene, I was asked to 3D visualise an arrangement for the kitchen, with given measurements and colours. It’s a simple scene composition, the main focus being the space functionality. The project was modelled and rendered in 3D Studio Max with VRay, no post-processing.

Linen Press (3D furniture object)

In this project, I focused on reproducing accurately the iconic design of the Linen Press, from available images, using 3D graphics. The concept belongs to Edna M. Walker, ca. 1904, and it became popular for the new approach to design. The project was modelled, textured and rendered in 3D Studio Max with VRay, no post-processing. I put the emphasis on the fine details, materials and textures, giving the final rendering an advertising feel and style.

Robot (3D animation character)

In 2004, starting from a friend’s sketch, I created this robot character as part of an intro animation for a website. All the parts are rigged so it can easily be animated. It was my first project of this kind; therefore some parts of it may seem rugged, as I was still in a learning stage. The model was created and rigged with an old version of 3D Studio Max, and rendered with VRay.

Restaurant (3D interior scene)

This is an old rendering I have made for a restaurant renovation project. It was modelled, textured and rendered in 3D Studio Max with VRay; some post-production was used in Photoshop, for the retro effect, colour adjustments and the chandeliers.

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